south jersey is the better part of the great state, new jersey.

we like to get fucked up on a regular basis.

weed + beer + good friends = a good time
we are all about philly teams.
tons of underage drinking.
malls all everywhere around here.
I personally think deptford is the best mall.
wawa is the shit.
we always chill at down the shore.
our schools blow.
tons of cops.
other than that south jersey is the place to be.
lived in south jersey all my life.
by ACiD856 July 13, 2009
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its the beach not the shore, you've been to atlantic city and you eat at white house, its a sub, you can ride your bike any where, you don't need to go to the beach after prom b.c you already live there, you have beach parties, you can't wait to get away but once you do, you can't wait to get back, you don't wear OCBP gear-- any other one is good as long as you got it the right way, you know what crew is, you know that every friday night in the summer is reserve for a lifeguard race, you love wawa- can't get enough of it- and are there at least 2 times a day, the eagles are your team no matter what, you hear and know bad things about atlantic city high school, you have thrown and been to hotel parties since freshman year, and you know that south jersey is the best place ever.
OCBP-Ocean City Beach patrol
south jersey, atlantic city and below
by brig aka the rock November 30, 2005
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South Jersey is a mix of rednecks and blacks. Diners and dive bars. If you live in South Jersey you didnt watch sports center for 2 months after the eagles lost the superbowl. You know you say words wierd and no you north jersey scum bag i wont say "water" again, so u can giggle with you blow out and soul patch on your chin somewhere else. You know that you dont EVER stop while navigating a circle. You know at least 5 hot chicks at ur school that work at the local diner (prolly the philly diner) You get confused about what is central and what is north jersey because you consider anything north of you house north jersey.
South jersey is the hot spot if your not from here you wouldnt understand
by John Wilkes May 20, 2006
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"Say-owth Jurzee" is a place where rednecks with a bad Jersey attitude reside. "Wooder" not "water". The accent is a hybrid of southern and Philly. Extremely annoying to listen to. Irrational support of all sports teams except for those in their own home state of New Jersey. People think they can drive better than anyone else here, but the fact is, the land is straight, flat, well lit, and not very complex compared to other areas such as North Jersey. Thinks "North Jersey" is Tom's River. Will make fun of people from North Jersey, but have never in fact traveled away from the South to see for themselves. In many instances, the North is a scary place for the pineys. Most people are illiterate. Trying to decipher a text from one of these people will cause you to lose a dangerous amount of brain cells. If not in college after high school, South Jersey kids will immediately have one to several illegitimate children. Jobs/housing/vehicles/significant others/life goals/etc. usually change on a monthly to weekly basis. Low income, yet everyone still has money to buy cigarettes and booze. They are proud to use WaWa's for everything, which means paying a higher price for convenience. Usually content to live off of federal aid throughout their lifetime. People never think more than about 5 minutes ahead of what they are doing, and even that is a stretch. A "Do it in the Pines" bumper sticker is not uncommon to see on the back of a rusted-out, lifted, diesel ford or dodge pickup truck.
"What exactly are you doing in the Pines?"
South Jersey is the place to be! For about the first five minutes.
by caudaeequina December 23, 2011
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South Jersey is pretty much anything south of I-195. It's Jerzy not Joizy, hoagie not sub, pork roll not tailored ham, wooder not water, and jimmies not sprinkles. Taxes are cheaper, and Wawa reigns supreme. We're home to America's playground, Atlantic City, and the shore, not beach, shore. We hate North Jersey, and we know that we should be the 51st state. The only thing North and South have in common is Jersey attitude.
South Jersey is way better then North Jersey, oh sorry, North "Joizy" because North "Joizy" sucks tailored ham (or pork roll so everyone can understand).
by Radioactive Llama September 08, 2014
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It isn’t just any ordinary part of the armpit of the nation, it is very different

As a person born and raised in South Jersey, I may be biased, but this is the greatest part of this boring state. We are people who aren’t as rude as our northern counterparts, and for the rest, we are just a larger in size, smaller in population version of Philadelphia. Wawa comes to mind when thinking about us, and that is correct. In fact the city I was raised in had less people than 8,300 to this day, and we still have a Wawa, yet no main stores like Shop Rite, Walmart etc. South Jersey may as well be it’s own state, having a higher population than many states. We have about 1.75 million people, about the population of Idaho and larger population than states like Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware and we have a higher population than Washington D.C. Plus North Jersey depends on Atlantic City casinos either way and they will probably steal at least one of the casinos somehow.
South Jersey, the cooler version of North Jersey is where I live.
by User: Anonymous March 07, 2019
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