"South Jersey is the place to be. We have all that ya need to be happy (; We got...

-WaWa, Gotta love those midnight runs.

-Cowtown/Rodeo, Best farmers market youll ever go to
(and yes, we all remember when the statue of the cowboy standin in front of cowtown brooke in half, and all was left was his blue jeans) (;

-We got all different kinda folks. We got people who rock those baggy jeans and then others showin' off those wrangler jeans (;

-Boys with their sexy big ol' toy trucks (;

-We have the best corn and tomatoes, no matter what.

- Almost anywhere ya wanna go is close enough for you to walk or ride your bike

-We have poor grammar, and proud of it.

-The best diners, bars, and barbeques in the summer.

-Youll always see a bumper sticker that says somethin like O.C. , GIT R DONE or WILDWOOD,

-Our car rides are always some fun, we honk at random people while we drive by for no reason, just for kicks (;

- the beach where we eat jersey fries, mac and mancos pizza, go crabbin, and hava good time ;P

-parties in the middle of fields and houses, and crazy bonfires that last through the night ;P

- The lovely smell of MANOR. ya..were use to it.

- We have the good accents. "Woodur".."I sall you there"..."tawk" we say it good and right.

If your not from South Jersey I recon you should be, and wish ya were (;
(12:00 at night, at home with a friend)
friend 1: Were from south jersey, what the heck are we doin at home, lets go to wawa up the street, like we do every day" (;

friend 2: ya good idea ill go start up the truck (;
by kristinamaried January 8, 2010
The part NOT influenced by those from New Yawk City. Prior to Atlantic City becoming a gambling hellhole (versus just a abandoned vacation city hellhole) South Jersey was pretty much an entire different land from Northern New Jersey. In fact there was a movement to sucede from Northern New Jersey in the late 1960's but it didn't work. Also reference Piney or Pinies.
The capital of South Jersey could be Vineland.
by econobiker February 22, 2005
A section of New Jersey largely populated by stuck-up people with poor grammar, as evidenced by the other definitions. Residents have extremely strange accents that people from other regions might find difficult to understand, though they deny this vehemently. They call sprinkles "jimmies" and order everything by saying, "Gimme a ____," usually regardless of the fact that they should use "an" in front of words starting in vowels.
Person: Gimme a wooder, a beggle, and a heauhgie.
Waitress: Can you point to that on the menu, please? ...Oh, a water, a bagel, and a hoagie. Sorry, I didn't understand your accent. South Jersey, right?
Person: I DON'T HAVE AN ACCENT!!!! And can you hurry? I rilly have to get heauhme and feed my kih-ens before the Iggles game starts.
Waitress: Riiiight...

(rilly=really, heauhme=home, kih-ens=kittens, Iggles=Eagles)
by Veronica77 December 15, 2008
The better part of Jersey, which includes anything south of I-95.

We support secession from North Jersey, and have a dialect similar to that of a Philadelphian.
South Jerseyite: Hey, where's the WaWa? I need a hoagie and some water.
North Jersyite: What's a 'wooter', 'wawa', and 'hoagie'?

SJ: *silence*
NJ: What?
SJ: Go away, asshole.
by KL-Gaming June 18, 2009
South Jersey should be part of Pennsylvania. They are below the dixie line and think Rowan is a real university. The professors there are retards that were born in Atlantic city. The people down there are even worse. Compare them to the movie the hills have eyes. North Jersey is real Jersey not aliens that sit around smoke boges and eat wawa 3 times a day because they are too poor to by real food. They all have stupid facial hair and think {Philly is a big city. Even though philly is the city of brotherly love aka gays. When you're driving down south make sure you have enough gas to get from 7A on the turnpike to Delaware cause you do NOT wanna stop.
south jersey to north jersey is like crabs to a model
by northjerz March 10, 2009
For the record its SOUTH Jersey not "southern" Jersey. Philly rocks and NYC sucks. If your here and you don't know what a wawa is you can go back to the North.

It a hoggie not a fricking sub. You root for the Phillies not the damn mets and even though the eagles suck you still bleed green. Point Pleasant is not the shore wildwood, ocean city, and cape may are. Most families are either from Philly or have Irish/Italian relatives that live there. We aren't afraid or goin in the woods 'cus we have the fricking jersey devil!

One word for you: MALLS! Depford, Cherry hill, Echelon.. we have alot.

Sure we have camden but other then that we have great communities. there's Haddenfield, Cherry Hill, and several other great towns.

North Jersey can have there politics and ivy league schools all to themselves. Leave us "Southerners" the hell alone!!!!!
South Jersey
by 102938475611111111111111111111 September 11, 2009
Contrary to many "North Jersey: definitions, South Jersey boasts an array of economic profitability to the state as a whole. It is home to the state's 3 nuclear power plants (which for the ignorant, do no emit radioactive pollution, so reserve your half-educated "jokes") which provide 50% of the energy consumption by the state. New Jersey ranks in the top five states in country for production of blueberries, cranberries, spinach, bell peppers, peaches and head lettuce, all of which are primarily grown in SOUTH JERSEY. Tourism, which also constitutes a considerable fraction of NJ's GDP, is virtually exclusive to the southern region on the state.
Not to mention cost of living, North Jersey may be dubbed "advanced" by some residents on here, however consider the median family income of a SJ county, Gloucester, at $82,655 with a median home value of $245,000. Morris County, in North Jersey, has a median family income of $102,096 and average home value of $458,000. I'm no mathematician but it seems that relative to income, North Jersey is significantly more expensive. Perhaps this explains why the state's foreclosures are concentrated in the Northern counties, not because the "advanced" counties are home to more expensive house values but because the real estate market is hyper-inflated.

Not to mention, the lack of diversity in SJ is relative to the Philly metro area, as NJ's is relative to the more diverse NYC...common sense.
Wow, instead of being an ignorant bigot who benefits from the substantial contribution South Jersey makes to the state as a whole, I could perhaps educate myself. In doing so, I may realize that all parts of NJ are benefactors to its strong economy, diverse population and landscape.
by 33justsaying September 27, 2011