Not the only place
"Rednecks" or "Gangsters" reside.
Gangs and under-educated people are everywhere. OMG... yes there are even some of these rebels in North Jersey!

Our Farmers produce top quality corn, tomatoes, as well as other fine produce. Our Shore/Beach (whatever you prefer) is exciting and within a hour from most people.

We are "Guilty" of using the word "like" at least 20 times in a story and we have attitude so deal with it.

As for Education the school systems in most areas are great. Subtract Camden from the State and we would be perfect!

South Jersey bad habit #1 Saying the word like to often.
He was like, "I cant wait to go the the concert!" and I was like, "I know but I already asked this other guy to go so get over it." then he was like...
by rackqueen April 12, 2009
The part of New Jersey that is not an embarrassment.
You're from New Jersey, but you aren't a walking joke.

I am from South Jersey.
by South Jersey - 51st State December 13, 2010
The southern half of New Jersey. Made up of these counties: Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, Ocean, Atlantic, Salem, Cumberland, & Cape May. South Jersey's two area codes are 856 & 609. Trenton does not count as South Jersey but Six Flags Great Adventure does. Anything south of I-195 is South Jersey. South Jersey has no sports teams and no one roots for the Nets or Devils, they root for the 76ers, Eagles, Flyers, & Phillies. South Jersey got Camden, which is one of the most dangerous cities in America. South Jersey is really nice and it aint really like the hood. SJ Rules!!!
South Jersey is the shiznit. :)

You Down with O.P.P? yeah u kno me!
by Treach July 20, 2004
Well South Jersey is well the best part of New Jersey. If you past through South Jersey you can see the ghetto, suburbs, farms all with in one mile and you can see that almost everyone gets along. People that are born and raised in south jersey you know that when you talk and say water you say wooder, you go to one of the hundreds of super wawa's for tasty cakes and soda not cola, you root for Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, Flyer, and Union. everyone know that jersey shore makes us look bad (they aren't even from jersey). if we didnt have Camden (no hate intended) New Jersey would be the best state ever.
Stupid douche bag not from jersey: Oh you from jersey
South Jersey guy: yea
Stupid douche bag not from jersey: where's your accent
South Jersey guy: go to hell
by Jerseykid99 February 4, 2011
south jersey is the southern region of New Jersey. How do you know what is south jersey? take out your map of New Jersey get out a big red marker and draw a line that slopes from south of trenton down to just north of atlantic city. If your from south jersey you most likely LOVE wawas, and you LOVE philadelphia and philadelphia sports teams, also you HATE north jersey, they are all so lame up there.
I'm from south jersey, I think I am going to eat a wawa hogie while watching the philadelphia eagles
by iamslowlyfading February 10, 2005
The southern portion of New Jersey. The definition depends upon where in New Jersey you are from. Newark and Jersey City residents would define South Jersey as anything south of Woodbridge. West of there it would be south of Trenton. Philadelphia area residents define South Jersey as Burlington south. Atlantic City and Cape May residents define South Jersey as south of Tuckerton.
Oh, you're from South Jersey.
by shoredude2 June 20, 2004
The part of New Jersey you don't see in the movies. Full of farms and lots of trees. Probably one of the safest places to live (not north jersey), not industrial at all. We have the best shores on the east coast. Wildwood, ocean city, cape may. We do NOT talk with a New York accent, more of a Philly accent. We say "want to" like "wunna" or "don't know" like "dunno." We say "yo" or "dude" at the beginning of every sentence. Instead of saying "ummm" as a filler, we say "fuckin". We curse in almost every sentence we speak. We don't say "going to the beach" we say "down the shore." We are the only place you will see someone who is half Italian, half Irish. Most of us love all the Philly sports teams and hate the cowboys and giants. We have really hot girls with attitudes, some are trashy, but hey, who doesn't have them. Don't try to say you have a boardwalk unless you live in Wildwood. ITS A HOAGIE, NOT A SUB. You pray to Wawa every night, and you say water like "wooder". Everybody goes to the shore for the prom weekend. Most of us are spoiled, but hey, we are the richest state. We have a great climate, cold in winter, hot in summer. We don't give a shit about what you think, and if you even dare say, "you from joisey huh?" we will tell you to shut the fuck up. We have an accent, but not a ridiculous one, and we don't make fun of you for saying, Y'all, or Eh, right on, etc... We curse way to much (I think i said that). Do not associate us with New York. Finally, we all think that south jersey should be separate from north jersey, we are two totally different kinds of people, so STOP LABELING US.
"Yo, fuckinnnn...what are you doin' tonight?"
"I dunno, dude. Wanna get shitfaced?"
"If we get some fuckin pussy, dude."
"Alright, dude, call me at 10."
"Alright yo, later."

"South Jersey is the best fuckin' place ever, yo."
by bprix March 7, 2008