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1)A small town in Virginia close to the border of North Carolina.

2) The Devil's Ultimately Torturing center, where he can bore people to death while still living. See also shithole
1) Person 1: Wow, what do you want to do today, buddy?
Person 2: Um... their is the slightest possibility of doing something?
Person 1: Oh yeah, that's right. We live in South Hill.

2)Devil: So what should we do to torture our people today, minion?
Minion: Send them to South Hill?
Devil: Nah, they haven't been that bad yet...
by Abe K July 06, 2006
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1. That place that rich white parents send their kids to isolate them from the world

2. Origin of the douche bags
"Ugh, my parents are making me move"
<Where ya going to?>
"That place with the white people"
<Your going to South Hills>
by WC all the way June 29, 2009
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The intersection of I-85 and I-58. Town includes a movie theater. The best movie theater on the planet. Also includes:

Circle Drive

Activities include;
Visiting Denny's
Visiting Hole
Visiting Pool
Not Visiting Circle Drive
Want to go to South Hill this weekend dude?
Only if we go to South Hill Cinemas and not Circle Drive.
by thejew72 October 26, 2007
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The nomenclature given for the neighborhoods on the south side of Spokane, WA. "Lower" and "Upper" South Hill essentially differ between people living north of Regal St. (lower) and people living south of Regal St. (upper). Home to both upscale plots and middle-class suburbs.
"They're putting a new Little Caesars on the South Hill, again."
by Jason G. June 06, 2005
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The suburbs of pittsburgh south of Mount Washington. This area varies from rich bubbles to ghettos. The South Hills have hosted many celebrities and athletes. Plus it has frickin mineos twice(best pizza ever).
Da South Hills is so boring. Let's drive dahn to the sahside.
by coryclifford August 18, 2006
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