A huge cyber war between a bunch of year 9 students from 2 schools (one in south Australia one in Victoria) with nothing to do. basically cyber bullying at its best. South Australia won contradictory to what the victorian dogs will tell you.
The ending to the war came when the police got involved.
South Australian- cancer
Victorian- you cant say that
South Australian- kys whore
Victorian- cunt
South Australian- kekle
<some days later>
Victorian - i think i love you

South Australia/Victoria War
The capital city of South Australia, previously known as Adelaide has been officially designated a progress free zone because of the huge numbers of hysterical conservatives who bend over vomiting with rage and indignation whenever a new idea is presented.

Taking the stance that 'this new idea means that they think my old idea is bad'; the people of SA:SVU take such ideas, suggestions, and pleas for some sort of progress as a personal affront to their character - something which they shouldn't do, firstly because it's not how to have an adult conversation, and secondly because they have no character to speak of.

While many cities have their fair share of whinging, tiresome old shits; Adelaide has, because of decades of 'bright flight'; been left with a much higher percentage of shits than other major Australian cities.

SA:SVU is now a toxic hell hole for anyone with more than half a brain cell. Investors go where the talent is, and they're not going to Adelaide, the renewal project is a joke, and the festivals such as Fringe only serve to advertise what you can get in other cities all year round; but can only get in Adelaide for one month a year.

Those not ranting hysterically are making excuses for Adelaide; that a city with a population of 1.2 million doesn't need more business, entertainment, big name artist performance, good governance, or opportunities for young people to do well in their life.
Me: Hey, this bar has got half as many people in it as last year - how about we do something different to bring more punters in?

Special Victim: Well, I don't know why you've made that suggestion; you obviously hate the place. I go there, I suppose you hate me too. Gees, why can't you just accept the place for what it is ant stop being so negative?

Me: I see we're playing South Australia: Special Victims Unit again.
by bigredninja February 13, 2014