A term used in gaming when a player relies 95% on what they can hear.

sound whoring isn't too noticeable in public lobbies, but in clan games or private matches it is easy to spot a sound whore.

Alot of people cry about sound whoring but after all, sound was put in the game for a reason.
player1: wtf was that...

player2: I heard you coming :DDDDD

player1: yea, you obviously would hear me coming with your turtle beach cranked up that high you little sound whore.
by KFClover September 9, 2009
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Also see Sound Whore

The act of having everyone else go silent in order for you to be able to better hear where enemies are. Mostly used in first person shooter multiplayer games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
B: -Making loud noises-
A: Shut up, I'm sound whoring.
by Fuckboy Tim December 13, 2015
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A term predominantly used by gamers which includes the act of relying on sound to survive or to kill in a game.
*6 players remaining*
Gamer 1: "Yo, team of 3 at greasy grove"
by Somesketchybloke February 20, 2018
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