A girl who takes away your life and soul. You cant get her out of your head and she makes you really uncertain about everything.
A - Ah, I can't get her out of my head. She drives me insane, she makes me so uncertain about everything I want to do. From my clothes to what to do.
B - Yeah, she is a real soulseeker, she did the same to me.
by Pulsing_Mister September 19, 2007
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a person who never logs off the Soulseek network. also, someone who's had sex with semiolith.

a slsk whore could claim seniority over any aspect of soulseek by being one of the first 15 users to have their username show up on the ticker in indie
Kur Say, Hex_Rex, I thought you were closing SLSK CONFIDENTIAL because you were leaving the network but you came back and waitied 4 months to open it back up. Does that make you a slsk whore?
Hex_Rex Yes. dro1d is my lover and I am a soulseek whore.

siberian husky did you really fuck him?
EmoFoSho Yes. Semiolith is my lover and I am a soulseek whore.
by mario0318 December 14, 2009
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a p2p (peer to peer) application that hasn't been sued by riaa yet
you can download free music and talk in chatrooms
it also has way more files on it than other places like wireshare or frostwire
guy 1: it's been 22 years since soulseek was made, how is it still functional?
guy 2: it's obscure and old, how would it be sued?
by covid2009 January 28, 2021
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