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The soul lock happens when two individuals mutually masturbate one another. If they both ejaculate at the exact cosmic microsecond then their souls unfurl from their bodies and intertwine. Obviously, this is extremely difficult to do.

A few caveats:

-The soul lock works best M-M or F-F but is not limited to that arrangement.

-It should be noted that upon achieving the soul lock both participants die because life is essentially meaningless after the spiritual, infinite joy of soul locking.

-The last recorded soul lock happened during the Han Dynasty in 100 B.C. China.
Caitlin: "John, I think I soul locked last night with Danny!"

John: "No you didn't, you idiot. If you soul locked, you'd be dead."

Caitlin: "Oh."
by M.D.L. December 04, 2010
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