If you have a Sophie in your life, never let her go. She is very smart and wise- she aces her classes and gives really good advice. She is one of the most trustworthy people you'll ever meet, but if you break her trust it's over because she won't take anyone's BS. She loves animals and mostly has a very nurturing side. Sophies have giant hearts and when they love you, they give you their all. They are good kissers and good workers. She loves to sing and act and is very passionate about the arts. And even though everyone insists that she's amazing, she has a hard time believing compliments. She is good at practicing self love and confidence but has a very hard time handling criticism and sometimes let's it get her down. She is physically affectionate and naturally flirtatious. She normally loves to surround herself with her friends, and has a solid girl group she calls family. She knows how to have fun and she is often found making others laugh. She sometimes has a rude sense of humor but doesn't realize it most of the time. Even though she's an extrovert, she loves spending time alone and is a total bookworm. She is a leader, and often takes charge in many situations. Sophies are sarcastic, sassy, and fiesty- but they are still kind hearted and love to shower their friends and family with love and compliments. If you befriend a Sophie, they will have your back and support you no matter what.
Wow, Sophie is a gem.

OMG, that girl Sophie is fiesty
by llamaloml January 08, 2018
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Sophie is an upper class name used by the upper and middle class. Sophie's are sophisticated and elegant with style.
That girl is stylish, she must be a Sophie
by urbandictionarydictionary January 02, 2017
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An amazing gorgeous beautiful person, she has a smile that lights up everyone around them! She always knows how to cheer someone up and is so caring, she usually has blonde hair and blue eyes if you look close enough you could see the ocean!! You want a Sophie in your life cause she will make it so much better! She will make your day a good day no matter what !!
1(friend) "wow who is that she is so gorgeous!"
2(other friend) "oh that's Sophie she is amazing"
3(friend) "I wish I had someone like that)
by K Witt February 22, 2017
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The hottest chick ever, i mean totally tubular! she is so nice and funny, she doesn't get the best grades all of the time, but she is a great person to sit next to in class. she is a great, trustworthy friend, who you definitely need to know. she is such a good friend, she is also my best friend<3 she also has a really big butt and boobs, come at her boys. a sophie surely should not be dissed.
guy: "dude! who is that hot girl over there hanging with betsy."
guy2: "only the best friend ever, her name is sophie, she is amazing!"
by Sara López April 11, 2017
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The most beautiful hearted sweet girl . Who loves going to gym and doing her work. Sophie Gray is wonderful if you want hang out with someone hang
Sophie is nice she is bae she is life . Live by Sophie's rules and learn (to)( live)( right)
by CATGIRL12345678919 February 13, 2017
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an awesome girl who likes to have fun and is up for anything. she tries to be tough and loves the water.usually short. she is a fighsty chik that knows how to get the party started
sophie is tough but loving! love that short person!!
by c@$h d0ll@r May 31, 2011
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