A common venus penis trap. Put your ding dong between her lower lips and you never come back!
That girl, is such a bloody Sophie. I hate her.
by TheArchBishopofBanterbury February 6, 2015
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is a bitch can be smart at times but mostly a dumb bitch
sophie can be annoying
by redit March 12, 2020
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She is a beautiful girl,

She can be very sweet and funny

All the guys like her, but everyone is usually scared of her

She is always honest and wont lie

But you don't want to get on her bad side

she is really violent and scary

She also loves shisha,

she may be mean but she can RARELY be nice

and she is a very trustworthy and good friend!
" Woah, that girl is hot, she must be a Sophie
" Watch out sophie is mad"

"Why are you being so mean? Stop acting like Sophie”
by Saraharveye22 January 2, 2018
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sophie is the biggest bitch ever and she has so many fake friends but its only a matter of time before everyone realises what an utter bitch she is
person 1: whos that, she looks like an utter bitch
person 2: ew that must be a sophie
by Keshkeyy June 8, 2019
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a girl who often get anally fingered at foam parties
but she never complains
Barry: why did that girl just punch you in the face?
Scott: I put a sneaky finger in her poo spout
Barry: What a f***ing sophie.
by poobumpoobum June 13, 2009
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Dark haired girl with big brown eyes an long eye lashes. Swears all the time and has temper tantrums. Lots of men like her as her tits spill over her bra and men are left with lob ons!!!!!

Sophie does have a heart of gold, but my god you dont wanna cross this taurus women, as she is a hot bull!

In the sheets she is a devil, experimenting always and has more dildos than you have had hot dinners.
All in all the one to shag!!
hello sophie we all love your boobs.
by loves willys February 2, 2014
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she’s perfect and so nice and sweet and crazy and has a lot of friends and she’s a bootyhole but she’s ok
by hubert;) January 17, 2019
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