A certain type of chavvy-looking guy with a mostly innocent personality but maybe a bit of vaping here and there. Normally looks like he's not all there tbh.
Omg look at that guy he's such a sophies type.
by We'll then... October 4, 2019
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A hoe ass female who is fake as fuck. You can't trust her even though her name sounds like sunny. She will play you nigga don't do it. She might be pretty but you gonna get your ass fucked up. Don't be a Kyle it's not worth it. She smart but she stupid asf at the same time. She gone ride the fuck out yo dick though. She a hoe ass bitch fuck her.
by Kyle Kouf August 2, 2019
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A sweet girl with cute glasses, but a striking resemblance to the "Boll weevil" and the pig with a monkey face, but with blue and purple hair because she feels the need to be the center of attention.
She is sweet girl but she is such a Sophie Tomei.
by KRISTOGOPHER January 24, 2017
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most annoying girl in the world. spills her drinks everywhere and will whity on the smell of smoke.
she spilt her drink
oh shes doing a sophie towns
by lilgurlgamer February 16, 2022
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The most perfect and prettiest girl you've ever seen she makes people laugh a lot and brings a lot of joy she will never let you down and she is just to amzing to be real!
Wow your Sutch a Sophie wolff
by Turnell gabe January 14, 2015
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