A girl who always has your back. Has been through a lot, and loves to tell their stories. She crushes on boys that crush on her... but, she NEVER goes back for a 2nd chance. She super funny, smart but acts stupid, and knows how to make people laugh. She has that sparkle in her eye that basically blinds you. She is VERY outgoing and gets along with most of the people she meets. She is GOURGEOUS but... has her flaws, which she is aware of. But people love her for her. That's a Sophie!
"Yeah. I saw her in the hall! But did you see that twinkle? Ughhh.. she's goals."
"I can't believe he dumped her, she deserves better... she just moved on, what a strong girl."

"Sophie...ohhh yeah, she talked back to the teacher. Yep! The smart one.... ha she is so silly. I love her"
by πŸ’˜love youπŸ’˜ December 14, 2017
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The most beautiful hearted sweet girl . Who loves going to gym and doing her work. Sophie Gray is wonderful if you want hang out with someone hang
Sophie is nice she is bae she is life . Live by Sophie's rules and learn (to)( live)( right)
by CATGIRL12345678919 February 13, 2017
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Sophie is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is usually brunette tiny and she's very funny. She has a tough past but don't let that define her she's very sexy and she loves sports. She is French and she has origins of royal family. She is usually related to Maria members. Don't ever let her go!
"Damn Sophie is really sexy today!"
by Gogogurl May 20, 2017
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A beautiful, georgious, smart girl. Don't let her shyness fool you lads, she can twerk and grind like there's no tomorrow, especially with that big bum of hers! Give her a chance and you'll be surprised!!
Wow did you see Sophie at the party?? I wonder if she likes me...
by Jakdjkdks December 13, 2016
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Sophie's are the most sexiest girl in the whole worlds he is very great with guys her type like for example Noah's she doesn't want him to let her go bc if he does she has nothing to live for.So if your dating a Sophie right now and your name is Noah therefor don't ever let her go,because she is awesome and perfect just the way she is don't and loves you very much don't ever forget that!
Guy 1:Damn that girl is HOT!
Guy 2: She must be a Sophie
Girl 1: Yea that's her name
Girl 2:She's taken by a Noah
Guy 1:That sucks:(
Guy 2:Lol,Change ur name to Noah and act like your age:)
by Boiii imma Savage March 18, 2017
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an awesome girl who likes to have fun and is up for anything. she tries to be tough and loves the water.usually short. she is a fighsty chik that knows how to get the party started
sophie is tough but loving! love that short person!!
by c@$h d0ll@r May 31, 2011
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a goddamn hott girl. biggest boobs known to man, very slutty, sexy in bed, great when grinding. tall, skinny, and has the tiniest feet.
When I'm with Sophie, I feel fucking horny. I love her.
by udontknomelikdt13211145 November 08, 2006
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