Good at making every electronics device and appliance. But not videogame consoles.
SONY needs to just go back to making its TVs, computers, CD-players, and batteries, instead of wasting its time making shitty Playstation consoles.
by AYB February 19, 2003
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The worst piece of shit company that makes shitty products with shittier customer care and service centers.....
Person 1: I made the worst mistake ever
Person 2: what was that?
Person 1: i bought a Sony
Person 2: fuck man what were you thinking!
by sonysucks January 24, 2011
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A very money hungry corporation that would even go so far as to make a huge IP an exclusive for their console.
Sony: Gimme money. Sony Fan: Np, my credit card number is 1111-2222-3333-1234. Everyone Else: Fuck off, im just gonna pirate it.
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by Idon'tmakerealposts October 12, 2018
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Stands for Straight Outta New York. This is a gang an user just made to look cool on urbandiccionary.
Sony is a great company, not a gang. But some lifeless niggas might steal this name anyway to make their gangs sound modern.
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
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good at making tvs, mp3 players, cd players, video cameras, headphones. but they are not good at making games consoles, that is microsofts job from now on...
i love my sony made mp3 player, tv, cd player, but i wouldnt dare buy one of their consoles, now they are desperate, making the ps2, then the silver ps2, then the slim ps2, then the slim silver ps2, then the psp... they are DESPERATE!!!
by andrew June 18, 2005
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A company that releases the most kickass consoles... and nothing else.
The Playstations were probably the only good things for Sony. The rest is shit.
by OLOL January 18, 2007
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A Japanese electronic company. market cap of 11 billion. 22 times smaller and poorer than Microsoft.(260 billion)
by Da Troll 1234567890 July 20, 2013
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