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Main character of the videogames Castlevania:Aria of Sorrow (GBA) and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS), made by Konami.
His name comes from "cruz", that in Spanish means "cross".

Soma Cruz is, apart from Alucard and Simon Belmont, one of the most famous characters in the Castlevania series. He is a human that has the ability to absorb the soul of all the monsters that live in Dracula`s castle and use them as weapons. Later is revealed that he is no other than Dracula, who sleeps inside his soul. In order to prevent Dracula for being free again, Julius Belmont, Alucard (Genya Arikado), Mina Hakuba and Yoko Belnades helped him to keep his human form.

In Dawn of Sorrow a strange cult (headed by the priest Celia Fortner) tries to awaken Dracula again, and their plan consists in forcing Soma to free all his fury and anger to become Dracula, as is later revealed when Mina Hakuba is kidnapped. As the previous game, Soma is helped by his friends and using all his powers defeats Menace.

What is interesting about Soma is that unlike all the Belmonts, he uses many different weapons, from knifes and short swords to guns and axes. As Dracula, he can use the power of his minions as his own. One of the goals of the games is to collect all the souls of the enemies; both games have very rare souls that are difficult to get.
Castlevania`s games have some really cool characters. Soma Cruz and Alucard are really cool.
by Arikado September 30, 2006
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