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When one needs to convert any combonation of pennies, nickels or dimes to equal 25 cents in one piece of coinage, they would ask for a solid quarter.
Hey Safi, can I get a solid quarter for the phone?
by B-Dizzle February 18, 2005
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n. In ebonics the coin with George Washington's picture on the obverse side. It can be 'broken' into several combinations of lesser valued coins.
Shi'thead to the grocery store cashier, "Give me a solid quarter for these two dimes and a nickel."
by Richard Black September 25, 2007
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In Ebonics, saying "solid quarter" is reffering to a quarter that is in need/wanted.
Say man, lemme borrow a solid quarter 'fo da snack bar done close.
by Blackling April 06, 2009
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