verb; In the swinging lifestyle when one member of a couple has sex with a member of another couple, who they are not attracted to. They do this so that their partner can be with someone who they really like.
1. Sure we can have a 4-way with that couple, I won't have to soldier.

2. No way I'm going to swing with that couple again, I'm tired of soldiering with that creepy guy!
by wenched August 20, 2005
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a liquor bottle, especially an empty one(see also dead soldier)
It is not good for the enviornment to leave soldiers on the ground when you could be recycling them.
by Light Joker January 04, 2005
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diehard fans of jungle / drum and bass
maximum respect to all you soldiers worldwide for your love and support of drum and bass. Word is bond.
by saurie September 16, 2006
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(Noun) (see also, American General)
1. Wo/man having skill or experience in drinking.
2. One who possesses little concern/fear of the drink.
Soldierly- (adverb)
3. Characterized by soldier-like qualities.
1. Cayce is a damn soldier.
2. The soldier drank nearly 300 beers without a care.
3. Jack displayed soldierly behavior with that 5 1/2 minute keg stand. That was downright American General quality drinkin'!
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Boy that is street and sort-of lives in the ghetto
if your status aint hood i aint checkin on ya better be street if ya lookin at me i need a soldier.
by Stefani Ackerman December 17, 2004
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The realist,and most hood niggaz.Some examples of a soldier are T.I, Lil Wayne,Cam'ron,Slim THug, Trick Daddy. The best type of nigga to have.
You see that boy fly,he definitly a soldier.
by Hollachagurl January 31, 2005
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