Game played by homosexual or confused young men, usually at boarding skool's such as Trinity Grammer or Kings.
3 or more people stand in a circle around a SAO(a square Australian biscuit) and wank. The aim is to not be the last person who deposits their load on the biscuit, as they must eat the sperm soiled 'Soggy Sao'.
"Man those little bitches play 'Soggy Sao', fuck that! How can you eat a sperm covered biscuit?"
by Diego August 15, 2003
A Australian Navy Custom where men on a ship gather around a table, place SAO in the middle and all ejaculate around it. The last person to ejaculate must eat the sao.
Well this is a long trip anyone up for a game of Soggy Sao?
by Tyler D June 22, 2003
when a groupa guys get together, wank, then cum onto a sao (biscuit) thats layin on the ground, the first guy to stop cumin has to eat the sao then n there...
yea the guys had a soggy sao last nite...josh was shit as
by RuM July 26, 2004
When a bunch of sexually attractive males enter a private room and each are given a Sao cracker. Once received, they all have to ejaculate their cum onto that nice tasty cracker and the last lad to finish last has to eat each of the other players cummy crackers. The loser also has their head shaved in shame and has to wear an adult nappy AND cum in it as punishment.
Damn, Alex, you were the last one to ejaculate them cums. You have to now each the soggy sao
by redhoodedgangi March 1, 2018
when guys sit in a circle masturbating with a sao (biscuit) in the middle. All the guys cum on the sao and the last guy to cum on the sao has to eat it
last nyt the guys played soggy saos
by asian seductress September 13, 2005