A political and economic system that has been completely and utterly discredited (most notably by the emininent Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises.)

Sadly, many people, being generally ignorant of the laws of economics, are unable to come to terms with the fact that socialism, unlike free-market capitalism, is economically incapable of generating wealth and thus can only ever impoverish any existing society when implemented.

Many people are also of the opinion that socialism, while a good idea on paper, can never work in reality purely because of human selfishness, and not because of the afore-stated economic reason. These people are quite possibly the biggest culprits when it comes to holding back human social development, as they persist in blinding countless people to socialism's true shortcomings. (American colleges, for example, are hotbeds of left-wing propaganda.)

Ardent supporters of socialism are usually bitter, twisted individuals who hate life and everything it stands for. They often have an insatiable God-complex and, remaining deliberately blind to the existence of genuine altruism and compassion, wish to destroy humanity as it exists and remodel it in their own image.
Tell your kids to say "No" to socialism.
by UltraBeans February 07, 2007
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A type of Government that rather than redistributing wealth, redistributes poverty through confiscatory, and often unfair taxes, affecting in particular the middle classes who, earn too much to claim benefits but who do not earn enough to pay their taxes and yet enjoy a sufficently rewarding standard of living relative to how hard they work.
By paying five hundred pounds in Tax and a further one hundred and ninety in national insurance Mr Smith was subsidising two households where the occupants were second and third generations of people who had never worked and claimed benefits.
This is due to the cause of socialism, and it's Marxist roots. People who have had an overprivelidged childhood and feel guilty about it or those who feel like the world owes them a living generally vote in this way, for a socialist party.

ii. The Livingstonian bus (expensive and pointless)

iii. A purchase made to benefit the few.

iv. The idea that the state and not individuals are responsible for their actions.
by Andrew Kirk August 27, 2008
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Exactly what the u.s. needs. But unfortunately various greedy, conservative politicians brainwash society into thinking that socialism is wrong, when really it would benefit the majority of Americans. And no socialism is not by any means fascism. Keep in mind that socialism is an economic system, not a form of government. In fact, socialism is the exact opposite of fascism. you can think of it as taking democracy to the next level. Because if your form of government is already a democracy-(which most socialist countries are) and you have a socialist economic system, not only do you allow freedom of speech and the right to elect representatives into office but you allow your people to decide over certain aspects of the economy. because the government controls all business and the government is controlled by the people, the people have a say in the price of certain goods and services, as well as the salaries of certain occupations. Plus socialism taxes people based on how much they earn and uses the revenue to provide everyone with really nice benefits.
I live in a socialism country. If I am handicaped, it won't be a huge pain in the ass to accquire social security benefits. I have decent pension funds from my job and I will be able to retire at a reasonable age. My health care is payed for mostly by the government and my entire country excels in public education. I enjoy free public transportation and a nice house. The rich have no more political power than I do and they aren't able to monopolize all of the wealth and fuck up the economy for everyone else.
by 8===D----(l) April 21, 2011
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Something which very few people understand but toss around like they do.

Rarely ever distinguished, socialism can be one of two things:

An economic system where, in theory, the workers own the industry collectively

An economic policy, in a capitalist system, where taxes are used to fund social services such as schools, roads & highways, welfare, and so on.

Since no one can distinguish these two, socialism has absolutely no meaning anymore whatsoever.
Scandinavia is NOT socialist: it is CAPITALIST with socialist economic policies.

People of the likes of Bernie Sanders don't understand the difference between social democracy and democratic socialism.
by toomanydamnretards January 20, 2017
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A destructive ideaology that basically means everyone must think the same, do the same things, have the same opinions as the accepted norm. In Great Britain the norm equates to family friendly bullshit that gives no allowances for one to be an individual.

And if thats not enough, in a socialist society your life isnt your own. EVERYTHING about you is apparently EVERYONE's business, even if your activities do nothing to affect them personally, theyre filled with right to comment nonsense.
Socialism is just friendly nazism
by Goth Doll October 13, 2017
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A economic system where People control enterprises. Every worker owns one share of his company, therefore nobody has more than one share, and the power is so desentralized that nobody could ever go corrupt. Like now but without that power-mongering owner.

Given a bad name, because it was used a long time ago under the control of dictator. But what dumbshits fail to realize is that world was coming out of Monarchy. People were used to being oppresesd, and there was mass starvation and chaos that the people were so tired of it they were willing to beleave in any Man who claimed he could bring stabiliy. Some men like this were Hitler, Lennin Stalin. At that time culture was designed for Monarchy, or dictatorship.
And also Karl Marx said that back then it woulden't have worked any way, It move from Democracy, to Socialism to Communism. So now people have a mentality to handle this system. A system without central power controlling. Then we can move to communism
Socialism fucking works

Comment submitted with request to delete; "Writer is rambling on about a Utopian wish, does not make a logical case based upon human experience, and does not seem to be particularly literate, which makes one wonder just how much they have read or studied the subject."
by D March 07, 2003
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Canada uses socialism; its like pussified America. If you screw up in Canada, the government's got your back. America could give a fuck if you're successful.
by K Dub HOLLA October 10, 2006
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