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Some who stalks/creeps about on another persons profile on social media groups such as twitter, Facebook, MySpace or if they are in need of psychiatric help even bebo. This person usually leads an uninteresting life with limited friends and struggles with relationships excess the reason they have so much time to creep on unsuspecting victims. They usually know everything that's going on or happening in there town or city especially if it doesn't concern them.
Person 1-"Did you hear Steve the stud went out with that hot chick Stuart used to date?"
Person 2- "no I didn't! Who told you that?"
Person 1-" I seen it on Steve's brothers Facebook page"
Person 2- "I didn't know you were friends "
Person 1-"we're not"
Person 2-"I don't think we should be friends you're a social media creep"
by Djc2508 November 07, 2013
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