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A social disconnect is a person who avoids socializing with people due to one or all of the following: past bad experiences, general dislike of people, feeling different from others or feeling inadequate- this can be caused by being put down constantly or talked down to, being used by others, being underestimated by peers. People who are social disconnects rarely spend time in groups of people to avoid bad things from happening. People who are social disconnects have often been victims of social parasites so they withdraw from groups of people or people in general. In some extreme cases, social disconnects may become sociopaths. If a social disconnect can find a group of true friends, this can help them to be more trusting of others and helps them with their healing process.
Social disconnect Avoiding non-communication P.T.S.D. host victim loner trauma sociopath abuse withdraw
by stand-tall-or-fall November 26, 2013
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