Just beyond local. Not-So-Local.
1.Gertrude: I'm going to my Dad's house this weekend.
Wendy: Is it around here?
Gertrude: No, socal.

2. Mom: at the post office Go put these in the mailbox.
Kid: Which one?
Mom: Not local.
Kid: So Socal?
Mom: Yeah, that's it.

Pronounced like local only with an S instead of an L, not like Hollister's So Cal.
by Molly Patience July 19, 2008
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Southern California, the BEMANI capital of the western hemisphere.
As someone from Northern California, I can't get access to Pop'n Music unless I buy home versions of it. Damn those SoCal bastards, they get everything!
by dj gs68 October 11, 2003
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