Supposedly, Southern California. The place to which everyone seems to flock nowadays. I've been there, like, twice in my life, and don't really see the reason, what with the constant beating desert heat and oppressive veil of air pollution. Full of Republicans. Basically the complete opposite of norcal
I'm a celebrity, and I live in socal!
by bramblecrossing October 10, 2006
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Southern California. The worst place on earth. The rest of California is a pretty cool guy, eh, cool stuff to do, but "SoCal" is DONOTWANT.
I'm sorry,this is socal, were you looking for hell?Its hard to tell the difference
by Kalikat360 January 23, 2011
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yo man, socal got 1st 10 years in a row!
by matt d October 24, 2004
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A reigion boasting large amounts of concrete, homosexuals and fake tits. Quite probably the most disgusting place. White kids tend to try to act tough by sportin famous clothing and skate all day while other ones are complete bro's and wear abercrombie and other homosexual lines of clothing. So cal gives california a bad name (and Hollister isnt in so cal ... its a town an hour inland by gilroy/ san jose)
:Hey bro wanna go hang out at hollister and check out the new upside down visors.
: Ya dude that would be so legit lets get some famous hats and so cal shirts too!
by Go to hell so cal bro's October 29, 2007
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The extremely short version of Southern Califorinia dat some retarded pilot camup wit', and now everyone says it..
"9982 Bravo, coming in for landing."

"Copy that, SoCal control, over"
by John Perky February 15, 2005
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(n.) Acronym: Standard Oil of California, a.k.a Chevron.
The first oil explorations in Saudi Arabia began in 1933, when Socal representatives concluded contract negotiations with King Ibn Saud, thus beginning a fateful symbiotic relationship, which scholars have portrayed as a marriage of convenience. Through the 1933 contract, Socal was granted a 60-year concession to pump Arabian oil. The economic, political, and social fallout of this relationship has deeply affected the foreign and domestic (more so in Saudi Arabia) policies of both countries to this very hour.
by mhibma September 19, 2006
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