It is used in place of "Southern California" and probably originated because Californians like to make everything as short as possible

SoCal is so much better than NorCal.

You're from the Valley huh? I'm from SoCal.
by Kris L. June 02, 2003
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People only complain about socal because they're just jealous they dont live here.
by anonymous987654322 January 16, 2008
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SoCal: A place that kids from Nor*Cal go to get away from home... And NEVER move back
Come to SDSU/ SoCal, some how manage to graduate. Get a job in So*Cal and afford to keep living there!
by Christopher Calvert August 25, 2006
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Ashley- "hey where are you going over the summer?"
Mandi- "I think were going to so.cal and go to the beaches"
by JesseStraightfromso.cal June 29, 2006
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Southern California. consists of LA, OC, SD, etc. SoCal is overrated and is where all the rich and famous people flock to spend money and live high, all but obscuring the minority (Black, Mexican, Asian) and the poor communities. It is also the home of the most notorious and curupt police, see LAPD.

SoCal never the less is a beautiful place with all year round warm weather and wonderful beaches however a majority of the people that live there may tend to be quite obnoxious. They have to hate, belittle, and oppress the people inferior of their region especially the people from NorCal for their ways of speech, their seasonal cold weather and other ridiculous reasons. Ironically, SoCal does not realize that LA, OC or SD would be geological locations of vast, barren deserts without the Los Angeles Aqueduct which comprises of the regions main resource of water. Where is the source of all this water you might ask? Yup, you guessed it, NorCal. Now thats tough love.
SoCal person: Where you from homie??
NorCal person: hella NorCal.
SoCal person: NorCal sucks dick! worthless fags! learn to surf!
NorCal person: Hater! go watch OC.
by one_love January 08, 2006
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SoCal is short for Southern California.

No we are not better than NorCal. NorCal just likes to hate on us,for whatever reason they can find.

SoCal is the most diverse region in America. There are rich neighborhoods,there are slums. There are whites,mexicans,blacks. Name a race,we got it. People from SoCal tend to be very streetsmart.
SoCaler:We started jerkin,and you started hella. Can't we compromise?
NorCaler:Sure,sure.I'm sick with it good at jerkin.
SoCaler:Niggaaaa,calm dooowwwn.
by Hellajerkin. August 06, 2009
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Southern California

Many NorCal people got to this deffinition first because they have no life and are always online. So Cal is the greatest place on earth, we got hollywood, Beverly Hills, Compton, IE, The OC, Long Beach, and everything else thats great. So Cal weed is the best. Going to TJ to party on weekends is only for So Cal. The only place in the world that you can, Go to the beach and surf, go to the mountains and snow board and go to the desert and dirt bike all before nightfall. Home to the happiest place on earth. Has the greatest burritos on the planet.
BOB: so what do you want to do today?

Bryan: i dont care, we are in SoCal we can do anything and everything!, its not like norcal where its alwayz cold and foggy ahahah

BOB: haha yea, lets go gets some lemonade....
by roxah October 20, 2005
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