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a group of extremely narcissistic and annoying people in the southern california region, based mostly in the san pedro area and some of the surrounding south bay. basically everyone that tries to belong to the "so cal assassins" are just major douchebags who think they're better than everyone in the history of the world. they pretty much all need a good ass kicking and hopefully will one day realize what incredible fucktards they are.

how to spot a "so cal assassin":

-look for an annoyingly large and lifted truck, usually extremely loud and obnoxious

-a lot of tattooed losers driving them

-people who act like they are not racist, but most definately are, as one can blatently see by their iron cross tattoos and white power state of mind

-someone who does absolutely nothing with their life but try and be cooler than they actually are.
girl #1: hey did you see those loser "so cal assassins" guys driving around in their piece of shit car trying to give everyone dirty looks?

girl#2:yeah, they should really stop with that, its actually extremely embarassing if you ask me.
by ahemmmmm October 08, 2008
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