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Cuddly wumpus, any person, place, animal or thing that fits the bill ie.

1. Loved one

2. Comfy bed

3. My dog Cosmo

4. Fur coat
Something that readily qualifies as irrisitable to the touch with merely the anticipation of how soft it may be. Cuddly, comfy, cozy, warm and inviting.
1. The snuggy wumpus is elusive, a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, a buried treasure a golden egg laying goose. Those who seek the snuggy wumpus do not always find, those who have found the snuggy wumpus do not always recognize it. 2. My snuggy wumpus has teeth, and claws but that is insignificant to compared to how soft he is and his ability to nuzzle. 3. Being the creature of comfort that I am, I forever seek the snuggiest of wumpuses .
by Wordley Lamarr October 20, 2017
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