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A girl who has, for some unknown reason, an inability to breathe or use her respiratory and nasal passages correctly. This is particular obvious in quiet surrounding such as lectures or supervisions, where large coughs and snorts can be heard emerging from the individual. Sometimes a hand may be used to wipe in a vigorous fashion any beads of snort that appear on the end of the nose.

The whole activity and perhaps what some scientists say is a mating ritual, is usually finished with a large flourish of coughing up phlegm from the back of the throat and chesty snorts and grunts to contain the large volume of mucus in the mouth.
Today, I sat next to snorty QB girl. It was totally gross, I couldn't hear a word of the lecture.

I heard snorty QB girl like to make those noises when giving head. I probably swallows

Skater boy: I totally dig snoty QB girl
Other boy: I take cock, do you?
Skater boy: only if you can cough my load up as loud as she can
by John trapper May 13, 2009
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