snitch country, can also be called snitch cuntry if you feel awesome. it means a country where the snitches thrived and lived. also a place you dont like. feel free to use the word when ever you want.
charbze: why can't we drink yet?
V-sexx: we live in a snitch country

guy: these schnozze berries taste like schnozze berries.
V-sexx: snitch country
by V-sexx December 23, 2007
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The small golden contraption used in the imaginary world of harry potter. The snitch is a fluttering orb in the game quidditch and whoever catches it is rewarded one hundred points and usually decides the outcome of a game.
by nuckfier January 22, 2013
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The bruises from the beat down giving to informants. In prison they're usually confined to the torso so the screws are less likely to see them. On the street the head is often included, snitches get stitches
Con1: "hey did you see that pigeon in the shower?"

Con2: "Yea his homies gave him a snitch jacket for rattin them out"
by Archibald Tuttle July 29, 2009
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n. 1. Person who snitches on cock action.
2. Synonym for "asshole", "douchebag", etc.
Tailor Made from "I Love New York:2" is a cock-snitch.
by The Stinks December 24, 2007
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