1. A person who divulges information about others
2. Informant
3. Hall monitor
4. People named Trevin
Ayy that snitch Trevin just ratted out his best friend Carter
by BaoBoi August 14, 2020
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A snitch will get themselves out of any trouble they may face, stemming from choices they made themselves and actions they took, by providing information to DRUG TASK FORCE on people they have criminal knowledge of. In return for cooperation with local law enforcement officials in the apprehension and conviction of the "bigger fish" that they turned evidence on they will receive little to no punishment for their own crimes. Typically snitches who get busted will continue their illegal activities that got them caught and after they "are used up" by the DRUG TASK FORCE then they ultimately have to face some consequence for their crimes, as well as the consequences for choosing to snitch rather than just do the time for the crime.

Not commonly known is that the largest concentration of criminal informants (SNITCHES) known to exist is within the confines of a small city named LIMA, OHIO.
Hey do not go around SOSO they been snitching.
by BlackFlameIllumination August 19, 2018
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