Someone who tattles or informs another person's misdeed to authority figure. Usually about a minor offense.
Man: taking pictures in a store
Snitch: What are you doing?
Man: Taking some pictures of these items I was thinking about buying.
Snitch: runs to the store's management Some guy is taking pictures of items in your store.
Store Manager walks up to customer: Excuse me, sir, we don't allow pictures in our store. You'll need to leave.

Man sees the snitch as he exists the store. Looks at the snitch and says: Snitch!
by magnetite November 06, 2019
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To grab or snatch something ina secretive manner.

E.g. "Looks like someone snitched the last doughnut."
by Tony Vercetti December 29, 2016
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Meaning of a snitch is where people tell on you after you do something. They can be annoying and you can get pissed off by them.
Dude, this guy fucking snitched on me when we were cheating on the test.
by iiFlakeTheKing October 06, 2018
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Someone who tells on another person for doing something bad or illegal
did you hear about how the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine told on his entire gang

Yea he's a snitch
by TheMemegod420lol February 12, 2020
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