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what's new, as in what's up or even hows it going?
Person A: Snew?
Person B: Nothing much, snew with you?
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"To Snow" in the past tense. Used by people who dislike the word "snowed."
"Yo, what's all this cold white stuff on the ground??"
"You dumbass, it snew yesterday!"
by THE SNEWER February 02, 2010
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Functioning as a verb and purportedly the past tense of "snow," the term was popularized by ufck.org poster jay. in February of 2006. Linguists speculate that the misuse might mirror the evolution of "irregardless" and imbed itself into popular lexicon.
winter hasn't been bad so far actually. it snew a couple times, but it hasn't been super super cold really at all. well there was one snap where it was but that's it.
by ufck.org February 15, 2006
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past tense for the verb snow; to throw a shoe or have a shoe thrown at you
Man,it snew like 2' last night! Bitch, no you didn't just sit up here and snew me in the head with those stilletoes!
by Brandice February 25, 2003
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