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1.A comical prank used during the act of sexual intercourse when the male announces the expulsion of load (in any sexual position with the female's back to the male). The male then diverts his partner's attention by spitting on her back, causing the false belief that the shooting of load has taken place. The male then waits patiently for the femal to turn around at which time the male splooges in the females frontal region.
I performed a sneaky hudini last night on my ex-girlfriend Susan.
by John Richeitch March 04, 2005
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During sex in front of a window a guy slips out of the chick and has a friend slip in without her noticing then goes outside and waves to her from in front of the window.
Wow they pulled the sneaky hudini on her.
by Chris Z. via J-Fink March 06, 2006
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