South Jersey(Margate) (n)- Slang term for a cigarette
Yo you tryin to bust a snarf.
lets go snarf a riff.
by Alex Sacchetti November 30, 2007
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it can be used as a substitute for a offensive word. yet when used in this context it is actually magnifying the offensiveness of the original word.
for example if you tell someone " your whore" you would say " your a snarf"

or something like "hell this is motherfucking good" you would say "hell this is mothersnarfing good.
by hot reaper March 04, 2008
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A particularly douchey thing to say at any given moment.
"George Bush is stupid"
"You're such a douche"
"Why thank you, SNARF!"
by Jimmy J. Johnson November 20, 2007
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To put one's mouth over the nose and mouth of another and blow air in, clearing all air passages
Adam leaned over and snarfed Pam popping her ears
by EBS February 08, 2006
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The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals.

In laymans terms the Snatch, Cunt, Pussy.

I heard it used in this term in the village of Homer Green many many years ago from an older boy called Jason. He was telling the younger boys how he had gotten some action and remarked on the 'sent of her Snarf!'
"Did any of you lads catch a look at her 'Snarf', she didnt have any knickers on!"

While thumbing through a porno in BP Service station "look at the Snarf on her!"
by Anthony Von Digital July 05, 2006
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A female that has the ability of taking your breath away; To acquire, with little concern for others, the concentration and consideration from the surrounding community; A person regarded as physically attractive.
Say bro, I just saw this snarf walking on campus who almost made me wreck my slab.
by Oskee Woskee November 02, 2009
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Snarf has many definitions, as stated Captain Reese the Fucking Wizard Johnson, and really could be used in most situations in place of almost and verb. Also may be used as a sign of great surprise. Term coined by a local Vermont band, Pyronova.
"Look at him, just snarfing along."

"He snarfed it right out of Jeff's hand!"

"He thinks he's snarfing around."

"May the snarf be with you."


"You snarfing scared me!."
by Pyronova April 18, 2010
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