"A particular type of pussy with good, strong, muscle contraction that can grab on to you and give you a decent fuck" Also see: George Carlin
She has one snappin' pussy!
by gnrspalmstroke September 11, 2004
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A vagina that has strong muscles that can squeeze the pecker rapidly.
Never shot a load like with that snapping pussy.
by starscream May 24, 2003
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A special type of pussy that only a few women have, this pussy can clamp down on a dick or milk it dry by the sisters muscle control over her genitalia, a pussy that when it has aged and matured becomes a widow maker pussy for the danger it poses to the men who are lucky(?) enough to get it.

This is a snapping pussy on steroids. Narrow or small dicks beware. This is the coochie that every man dreams of having at least once in his life and having it spoils him rotten for life.

Most men are faithful to this pussy. If he ever loses it, he'll never stop searching for another one. Named the "esp" or 'elusive snapping pussy' because most men have looked for this pussy all their lives but only a few have ever had one.

Most women are not aware of the nature of the pussy they possess, until after they have had a succession of past lovers trying to get back with them years later.

Rumor has it that it was the 'elusive snapping pussy' that spawned the term pussy whipped which has since lost its original meaning because there are not that many esp's in training, ie.snapping pussies, in circulation at any one time.

For the real 411 on 'the ESP', go to a barbershop where there are senior citizens and start a conversation about the different types of pussy. Give them a few minutes to warm to the topic and then mention 'the widow maker' or 'the elusive snapping', and take notes! You might decide you want to hit up on a neighborhood cougar.
Don't mess with her cause I hear she's got that "ESP", aka the elusive snapping pussy", that pussy that will make you slap your momma and leave your wife.

This is the kind of pussy Richard Pryor was talking about when he did his 60's album routine on growing up in a whorehouse. "......that gal had an "elusive snapping pussy", we called it the ESP, you know that kind of pussy that's so good.......that will make your dick do things it's never done before.........her pussy was so good I wanted to suck her daddy's dick!"

"esp" aka "the elusive snapping pussy"
by Mr. Reccaabich February 11, 2012
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A unique quality of pussy that only few women possess. This pussy will suck in your dick, balls deep and then clamp it down at the base while the inner pussy muscles roll in a wave like action literally milking your cock dry.

Movie Reference:
Cinderella (1977)

This zany x-rated musical version of the fairy tale featuring a lot of sexual innuendos and a title character who had a snapping pussy rather than a glass slipper. Cinderella's "extraordinary snapping pussy" was given to her by her gay, black drag queen "fairy" godmother. The prince ultimately finds exactly what he's been looking for.. an "Extraordinary Snapping Pussy"!
Yo bro! That girl has one Extraordinary Snapping Pussy!
by Mike Jules August 26, 2014
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Snap back pussy : when a mother of multiple kids still has a tight vagina to not only accommodate large penis but can also satisfy the sub standard to average sized penis with a snug tight fit. Usually a term used shortly after giving birth to child to describe a MiLF’s vagina in complementary way.

Submitted by LuvH8Luv
Im the luckiest man I know. My wife is not only beautiful smart and fun. Shes a great mother plus after giving me 4 great looking kids. Her snap back pussy feels better than ever! Its why we have 4 kids together.
by LuvH8Luv March 13, 2022
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