A snack eaten in South Park, presumably by Eric Cartman. Also see beefy logs, cookie dings, and cheesy poofs.
by Mad Walrus August 7, 2002
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a baby made between a male and a female in college who are clearly very hungry and have nothing better to do than reproduce. like bunnies, duh,
"snacky cakes, snacky cakes!"

brit: "did you see cozy and mitch's baby?"
sofia: "yeah, what's his name?"
brit: "snacky cakes! they were hungry"
by the cat's meow! November 3, 2010
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eric cartman's favorite treat on an offensive TV show called South Park
it appears on comedy central on every wednesday at 9
it is two pop tarts, a stick of melted butter all covered in cocoa powder (a.k.a. your fat) and sugar
mom can you make me a snacky cake? please mom? damnit mom kity is trying to eat my pot pie. well i know a certain kitty who is sleeping with mommy tonight.
by stan marsh July 24, 2004
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