Someone who hides or conceals things in their anus for the purpose of getting it from one place to another.
Jimmy Crapcorn was one hell of a Butt Smuggler for the US government during the Cold War era. Heck, everyone always wondered how he could store that much microfilm up his bunghole!
by Shit_4_Brains August 27, 2007
A person who illicitly transfers bugs or insects from place to place, often across international borders.
Michael is a bug smuggler, he got caught with 1,000 centipedes at Auckland International Airport.
by Manu Vatuvei December 12, 2014
to have very huge and very perky titties........
swelling a small shirt with massive boobs.....

knockers too big for common clothes......

Roxx was wearing a little shirt which made her a class 10 puppy smuggler.

That chick not only has great pigtails but she is smuggling puppies as well.......rock on chicky.....rock on.
by jere from smackjab April 19, 2008
Grape Smugglers are very small speedo trunks which hug the bollocks of the male wearer in a manner which makes it seem that they are "smuggling grapes" between their legs.

Often seen on European, particularly French, males.
wow, that dude is wearing grape smugglers
by Jamie W February 24, 2004
Sex act of a woman giving oral sex, and anal pleasure with a vibrator to a man, while she is shitting in a toilet.
by Punker1977 May 14, 2015
Long sweaters worn by obese womean to hide the actual size of their ass.

A woman who hides her true obesity by wearing long sweaters draped over her fat ass.
Alice wore a bum smuggler on her date to hide her big ass.

That girl has a fine face, but I think she is a bum smuggler.
by cheeks1128 February 5, 2010
A younger man who is banging, or trying to bang older women. For example, a 24 year old who's screwing, or trying to screw a 60+ year old.
Chuck: Dave, I saw you car at Rose's house last night. WTF?

Dave: Huh, Nothin'. I was helping her with her computer.

Chuck: Bullshit, you Prune Smuggler... did she take her teeth out first?

Dave: <silence>
by -Kley- December 6, 2010