A man with a very small penis (see: button on a fur coat) wearing a speedo, tighty whiteys, or tights and thus unintentionally revealing the outline of his unimpressive jellybean sized micro soft dick.
Jenn: "You might want to think twice next time before choosing the speedo, ya jellybean smuggler!"
Nate: "I am proud to be a jellybean smuggler, as was my father before me!"
by StonerWithATinyBoner November 17, 2014
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Someone who hides or conceals things in their anus for the purpose of getting it from one place to another.
Jimmy Crapcorn was one hell of a Butt Smuggler for the US government during the Cold War era. Heck, everyone always wondered how he could store that much microfilm up his bunghole!
by Shit_4_Brains August 27, 2007
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A person who illicitly transfers bugs or insects from place to place, often across international borders.
Michael is a bug smuggler, he got caught with 1,000 centipedes at Auckland International Airport.
by Manu Vatuvei December 12, 2014
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to have very huge and very perky titties........
swelling a small shirt with massive boobs.....

knockers too big for common clothes......

Roxx was wearing a little shirt which made her a class 10 puppy smuggler.

That chick not only has great pigtails but she is smuggling puppies as well.......rock on chicky.....rock on.
by jere from smackjab April 18, 2008
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Grape Smugglers are very small speedo trunks which hug the bollocks of the male wearer in a manner which makes it seem that they are "smuggling grapes" between their legs.

Often seen on European, particularly French, males.
wow, that dude is wearing grape smugglers
by Jamie W February 24, 2004
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When a man does not wash after coitus, and walkes around with a chotch full of love juices.
Max from TMZ is a butter smuggler.
by Larito Longlove December 20, 2011
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Long sweaters worn by obese womean to hide the actual size of their ass.

A woman who hides her true obesity by wearing long sweaters draped over her fat ass.
Alice wore a bum smuggler on her date to hide her big ass.

That girl has a fine face, but I think she is a bum smuggler.
by cheeks1128 February 05, 2010
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