An individual or group of individuals that carry excess body mass in/attached to either their abdominal cortex, gluteus maximus or thigh areas. This can also occur in a combination of these areas or all at once.

The excess body mass in these cases can be mistaken for holding or 'smuggling' turkeys within their undergarments.
Jeff, Sara, Tristan and Betty went to the store and couldn't believe the amount of people smuggling turkeys.

"Look at those turkey smugglers...that man is certainly smuggling at least 2 turkeys and his lady at least 3"
by Cre8Art January 29, 2014
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A Dick Smuggler is a Transgender male who is falsely presenting himself off as a real Woman to straight intoxicated males in hopes of pursuing sexual activities with his intoxicated target without being caught. Doing things like performing oral sex or anal Activities in dark or shaded rooms. With Heavily intoxicated Men.
Man I just found out last night after leaving the bar drunk asf I ended up going back to the Telly with some Dick Smugglers bruh!! They smuggled dick into my car then into my room and I didn’t even peep it bruh I’m done drinking on GOD!!
by LewDGreat January 05, 2021
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Term given to a (hidden) hand rolled marijuana cigarette/blunt.
Hey man. I’ve got a Tibetan Smuggler in my pocket, let’s spark it up!

I’m so blazed man! That Tibetan Smuggler was fat!
by pilgrim_fiend May 08, 2012
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A woman sporting an extremely large cameltoe in an international airport!
Hey check out her cameltoe she is a yo-yo smuggler for sure!
by May 14, 2021
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