One who knowingly allows erect penises to cross the ass border and hide in the colon
Man, look at that bow-legged dude with the rainbow tattoo. I bet he's a Pud Smuggler.
by Izheet M'drawz October 21, 2008
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When a woman sits on a man's face-- vag to nose, ass to mouth-- and accidentally sharts.
Josh loves when Randi gives him the Smuggler's Muffin.
by mancation August 26, 2011
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When a man wears pants that are to tight, or pulled up so high that each of his testes have been split and bulge out, one to the left, and one to the right.
Check it out, louis anderson is smuggling grapes.
by grizzt69 March 29, 2003
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"Who's Eric talking to?"

"That's his new boyfriend."

"His boyfriend!?"

"Yeah - didn't you know he's a mushroom smuggler?"
by Alison Chaynes May 22, 2009
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It is a woman who has a nice rack and hides them while at work so the male co-workers can't see how big they really are. They often hide the true size of breast by wearing different bras or by wearing loose clothing.
Jessie is such a boob smuggler at work. She actualy has a freaking huge rack!
by Gods gift to women February 15, 2007
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Australian slang term for men's tight-fitting Speedo-style swimwear. The 'lump in the front' apparently resembles a budgie when it is stuffed down the front of someone's shorts. Ah, those crazy Aussies!!
In discussing his film "Revolver" on BBC's Radio 5Live, Guy Ritchie said that Ray Liotta's 'Mr. Macha' character, who parades around wearing only budgie smugglers for much of the film - was 'an impressive sight'.
by Mr.Sorter April 27, 2006
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A man with a very small penis (see: button on a fur coat) wearing a speedo, tighty whiteys, or tights and thus unintentionally revealing the outline of his unimpressive jellybean sized micro soft dick.
Jenn: "You might want to think twice next time before choosing the speedo, ya jellybean smuggler!"
Nate: "I am proud to be a jellybean smuggler, as was my father before me!"
by StonerWithATinyBoner November 17, 2014
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