Janice is a character from the YouTube channel, Smosh played by Courtney Miller. She is described as unpleasant to be around, weird, foul, disgusting, etc. She has appeared in videos such as "Uber Is Terrifying", "Every Halloween Ever", "Every Sleepover Ever", etc. Some Janice (Smosh) quotes include: "Jokes on you, I love eggs" - Every Halloween Ever, "That's a real shame, I would rock your world" - Every Christmas Ever, "Thanks for the TP losers, I've got diarrhea from all the raw eggs I ate"
Person 1: "God, Janice (Smosh) is absolutely disgusting!"
Person 2: "I know! I went to a party which she hosted, she tried to make out with me after chugging a can of baked beans!"

Random Person: "Janice (Smosh), do you shower?"
Janice (Smosh): "What's a shower?"
by ThatGuyX August 6, 2022
A Kick ass rap video (by Smosh) for people who lots of time to watch the video a enjoy the fact that Link has really tight pant
Guy who has lots of time: Ha ha, tight pants!
Friend: Whoa, dude it's the Zelda Rap from Smosh!
by Svosh December 7, 2011
a series made by smosh of the classic era where you see them eat lunches and find twitter questions
time to binge watch the classic smosh vids starting of with lunchtime with smosh
by sourarcticfox November 11, 2021
Something you once perceived as funny is no longer funny now that you have matured.
Person 1: I just tried to watch Smosh again, they're not funny now that I'm older
Person 2: That's just the Smosh Effect
by LukeNuke11 October 25, 2019