a "clique" of people; group of people with same interests
They only gossip about other people, I didnt really fit in with their smosh pod.

Look at that smosh pod of snowboarders!
by yomommafoo October 23, 2010
2 nigguhz wit a stoned guinea pig that love 2k and weed
Hood nigga 1:ay mane ghetto smosh dropped a new song called asassin weed rap lets listen to that shit
Hood nigga 2:fo shizzle ma nizzle
by Lysy August 25, 2022
An awesome place where stupid and awkward people talk. This is also the home to the Meme Queen, a Gameboy, a Barricorn, a Pirate, a Redhead Schoolgirl, a Pineapple, a PS3, your anus, Lord Voldemort and a lot of more people.
I spoke to some guys at the Smosh Pit, and I ain't going back.
by Tupamaro4Ever December 16, 2014
-Smish Smosh(ed)- Synonym(s) for drunk, high, wasted, or smashed, this term/phrase is typically used by prissy girls such as cheerleaders or sorority members. Often preceded by the word totally or so. To do in excess.
I got totally smish smoshed at the ditch party yesterday.


Put that drink down, you lookin all smish smoshed.
by Johnny Unitas August 29, 2006
Jaclynnn : Hey, what's on that table over there?

Kathrynnnnnn: Oh, just a smeesh smosh for my boyfriend's Christmas present.
by kat_yo December 5, 2007
The act of smothering a persons face with your sweaty scrotum. Usually in a position replicating that of a 69 however the person on top effectively just sit on the targets face. Very unpleasant.
Keep acting like that and your goin the right way for a cock smosh.
by Jimmy24 May 2, 2008
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My Description: You won't regret it
by Definitionite June 12, 2017