one who pwns
the act of pwning
smoke-d: one who is pwn3d
(see also: Ian Alexander: one who is pwn3d)

see also: drunk Mike (pwnmaster)
When playing Halo Ian and Johan often get smoked.
by Mike Bowden March 29, 2004
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a and one baller who jus missed makin the squad last year on streetball. He hits 3's and crosses ppl over in a flash. Hes prolly the next best guard wit a handle to hot sauce
"Smoke hit a buzzer beater last night, it was crazy"
by 3pointballer October 29, 2004
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To have really nice sex and then have someone else suck on your dick so much that you squirt so much come into their mouth that they get pregnant and then die.
by deeznutsdeeznutshagoddemhagodd January 14, 2017
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foreplay, sex with a very hot young woman in person or online via computer...

When she's ready to have sex with you she asks...
Do you want to smoke with me in private?
by Landrudocus September 27, 2008
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