1. n. any leafy organic substance that is ignited and inhaled for recreation
2. v. to defeat a competitor with full force or vigor, especially in motor sports or tennis
3. v. To play or perform energetically
4. v. To kill with a firearm or artillery
1. Let's step outside for a smoke.
2. Lindsay Davenport smoked Alina Jidkova in the first round.
3. The band was really smoking in the second set.
4. But they were enemy and we smoked them without hesitation.
by the migster June 21, 2005
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1. An unbelieveable lie.
Synonyms: Bullshit, horseshit, a lie. Refers to an outrageous lie.

2. Literally anything else if said in the right tone of voice. Anything.

Also pronounced smooke, smeek, shmeee, shmiggity, or anything else that has an s or an h or some sort of vowel anywhere in it.

Antonym: No-smoke.
Box-Wine: "Colin, I met up with that hot cheerleader last night and we fucked."
Colin: "Smoke."
Box-Wine: "No-smoke, legitimately"
Colin: "Smooooooooke."
by Bradley J. September 18, 2005
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Refers to marijuana and how/what is consumed.
"You bring any smoke witcha brudda?"
"Keen to go for a smoke?"
"I held that bong in for so long that no smoke came out when I exhaled."
by Diego September 11, 2003
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1. To inhale gases and particles directly through the mouth from a lit sources of tobacco.
2. Shoot
3. To speed pass another driver, as if in a race.
1. "Mind if I smoke this cigarette?"
2. "I'm gonna smoke your ass like a blunt"
3. "Past that grass cuz, blood... I'm gonna smoke your ass.
by hks December 06, 2003
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