That Bridgend whore is a smelly slut, her pussy is rank, it smells of rotten fish, she never washes, she has maggots growing inside her fanny. Her name is Kerry Davies from bridgend ! She needs to get an AIDS test before she gives her bad germs to someone else. She has had VD and gonnorhoea before.
An old mackerel left in a hot dustbin, well thats her smelly slut of a cunt that is. She needs a real good fucking bath the dirty fucker, wash your cock after shagging her mildew muff bridgend pencoed kerrydavies kerry davies slut
by kerry dawes September 17, 2009
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A slut that needs a bath and has sex with food on themselves with a weirdo that dies alone and smells like food
Ew I don’t that food smelly slut She’s fugly and smelly
by Hannahpetiudie July 19, 2021
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