a type of jelly which has has been sprayed with essence of skunk
look !!! there serving smelly jelly for lunch
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
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Similar to Duck butter, is that tangible layer upon layer of framunda sweat/cheese that grows on the gooch area during the hottest summer months. Color and consistency similar to old Nutella.
Boy, I was running behind that Johnny guy and he had some mean smelly jelly brewing.
by Sal Fartman February 04, 2011
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When he luckily got the fuck on this morning and you start your period that afternoon; he comes home from work and you serve him up a Beer an shot, threw up the leg all sexy like and he says “what are you doin with your biscuits?” I said “this smelly jelly biscuit”
Sup?; watching a movie with a smelly jelly biscuit

It’s only anal tonight boo; I’m a smelly jelly biscuit up front
by sugarmelon September 07, 2021
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