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1. a cell phone that you accidentally drop in the toilet. Occasionally the phone will still be functional after it's dried off or taken in to get repaired and the owner will say "fuck it" and continue to use it even though it's been in a smelly toilet. How do we know if the phone has been in a toilet? Your Facebook status states: Drunkidiot dropped her phone in the toilet :(
2. a cell phone that smells like shit for some other reason
- Yo dude I dropped my phone in the toilet and it still works!!! Use it to call your parents to tell them you're gay!
- Fuck you assfuck and get that smell phone away from me

- Why does my phone smell like shit?
- I don't know but shove that smell phone up your ass where it belongs
by Olof Carmody March 11, 2009
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The next generation of cell phones, but they will smell good.
"Dude Tom just got the new smell phone."
"Now way, I want to go get one.
Smell phones are so sweet."
by Jay Giddens July 14, 2010
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