Shaking my dick, a phrase used to replace saying “slap my ass and call my Betty white while you ream my ass with no lube until I’m bleeding”
Yoooo, I got beat up and had broom shoved up my ass again, SMD
by LilDiykGirl October 20, 2019
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Bitch: Hey um I cheated on you

Bitch:what does that mean
by Alissa Flores June 02, 2018
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A shortened term for “suck my dick

Boy: Hey, SMD

Girl: Um... I’m 10

Boy: It’s Alright bbg, now SMD
by daddy sylx April 14, 2021
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It’s short for: Suck my dick

Mostly used in chat. Can be used when you want somebody to shut up. It does not necessarily have do be meant in a bad way.
A: Hahahaha you lost! I knew that you will 😝
B: Oh come on smd!
by Broidkhahaha February 06, 2021
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An acronym meaning, 'Suck my D*ck.' Used to express disinterest and annoyance. Popularly used in social media and texting.
Person A: Hey, remember that time I hooked you up with that cute blonde chick? You owe me.
Person B: Whatever, SMD.
by cherryui September 28, 2020
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