guy 1: yo bro smd
guy 2: what does that mean
guy 1: suck my dick
guy 2: ight bro bettttt *slurrpppppp*
by or mamaaaaaaaaahhhhg September 06, 2019
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Smd stands for “Suck My Dick” it’s usually used jokingly, but can be used seriously like an example
by killuaandkirapukailysmomg December 04, 2020
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When she comes home tonight she's gonna be smd.
by S.Q.U.A.D November 21, 2016
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SMD has two meanings.

1. Suck/ing my DICK
2. Shake/shaking my DICK
make sure to use caps for dick
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“You stupid fucking hoe the only thing you good at is smd
“ Oh yeah I’m really good at smd”
by 11ethan1 March 04, 2018
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Shaking my dick, a phrase used to replace saying “slap my ass and call my Betty white while you ream my ass with no lube until I’m bleeding”
Yoooo, I got beat up and had broom shoved up my ass again, SMD
by LilDiykGirl October 20, 2019
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