(verb, intransitive) To engage in quick, vigorous and unbridled sexual intercourse. Frequently ends in premature ejaculation and tears.

It should be noted that "smash" is an intransitive verb and should never carry a direct object. (despite what one may read on the internets) One should never say "She's so hot, I'd smash her all night." Rather, the object is implied by the context. "She's so hot. I'd smash all night."
by Brittsa February 12, 2017
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1. Smash –the act of pummeling

2. Smash – the act of resolving a problem
3. Smash – to fuck thoroughly
1. Shut your mouth you cunt before you get smashed on
2. Sounds like you two have some beef you better smash that before it escalates

3. That Hot Breezy’s eyeing you’re the Mac better smash that while she’s wet
by R.K. Lee April 15, 2016
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verb) to fuck.

to have sex hard, and violent.

noun) instant mashed potato.
I'm gonna smash you tonight

We have smash for dinner tonight.
by ChipmunkOnKetamine August 05, 2009
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1)to hook up with somebody
2)to go somewhere or do something really fast
3)to show somebody up
1) Im about to smash on Timmy.
2) Im about to smash on over to that crackin party.
3) Im about to smash on those guys.
by jen May 17, 2004
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