An awesome band with great songs
We went to the Smash Mouth concert, it was awesome.
by Eva February 25, 2004
Once a band that were critically bashed for having catchy, if not downright cheesy, "tunes" like All Star and I'm a Believer, Smash Mouth are now hated for spreading the coronavirus across the godforsaken USA as a result of performing before a large packt crowd (a crowd without masks or social distancing) at the Sturgis Biker Rally back in August.
Somebody once told me
The virus was baloney
He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
I was feeling kinda numb
With a burning in the lungs
And I said I don't think that it's COVID

Well the chills start coming
And they don't stop coming
Feelin' short of breath
Like I just went running
Didn't make sense to stay home
No fun
Instead went out
Infected everyone
So much to touch
So much to lick
So what's wrong with my little droplets
You'll never know if you don't test
Why do I feel pain in my chest?

Hey now
We're contagious
We're in Sturgis
No mask
Hey now
You're a biker
We're all sharing
One flask
This is worse than the flu
I'll be seeing you in the ICU

- Smash Mouth killing it in Sturgis with their hit song All Star. Fuck that COVID shit!
by OK Dodo September 16, 2020
getting head from a girl, a blow job, completely owning a girl's mouth with your dick
dude i got the best smash mouth from a sorority slut last night
by Matt the frat March 6, 2008
One of the best bands in the world. Starting from 1994 to the present day they accomplished a lot of history. Their Song All star has made a lot of people inspired by everything which you will hear on the Movie Shrek 1.
Person 1: Hey dude do you like Taylor Swift?
Person 2: Hell no I Like Smash Mouth
by NYRangers2003 July 17, 2013
A common term used in referring to a welder because of all the cocks they enjoy smashing in and around their mouth. Also see Tykake
Welder: Hey now... I'm an allstar...
Co-workers: Hey Smash Mouth, hows that arc burn?
by Counterguy May 17, 2018
To shove into your face with speed and force. Often referring to non-typical drug use.
"Bout to smash-mouth a whole ounce" Is a verse in a nelly song referring to shoving an ounce of cocaine in ones mouth at one time.
A Smash Mouth is a term to represent a physically thick white male who wears a chinstrap beard, over gelled, spiked up hair, and attempts to dress trendy, and most likely thinks he can sing.

AKA Resembles the lead singer of the band Smash Mouth.

He MAY claim to work out on the regular, however after hitting the gym, he also hits up Hooters with his pals and pounds a few back and eats some ribs to make up for the pounds he sweat off at the gym.

You all know this typical guy as "that douchebag"
Girl 1: Oh hey! Did you see the new muscular well dressed guy who has cute facial hair and likes to sing?!?!?

Girl 2: No wayyy who is he? I wanna meet him!

Guy 1: He's a total Smash Mouth.. and he has a chode. (See "chode" for definition)
by XSAOCIDEX May 11, 2009