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Request another to inject you with Heroin or get you high. "Get me high." "Light my fire." "Shoot me up." "Smack my bitch up."

The phrase was made famous by The Prodigy. The phrase does not mean to hit your girlfriend, nor does it advocate violence toward women as it literally implies.
"Man I'm tweekin', are you holdin'?"
"You know it."
"Then smack my bitch up.
by Joe Sa July 20, 2006
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bitch being slang for the main vain running down your arm in which heroin is usually injected.
smack is slang for the drug heroin.
put them together and you get smack my bitch up, in other words to inject heroin into your main vein in your arm.

also widely known from the famous song smack my bitch up by the prodigy.
hey man, im off to smack my bitch up whilst listening to smack by bitch up
by x-meow-meow-x April 02, 2008
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Quite possibly the single most controversial piece of electronic music ever produced. Released by The Prodigy in 1997, the lyrics consist entirely of eight words sampled from the classic hip-hop track "Give the Drummer Some." Four of those eight are, well, "smack my bitch up." The song has been interpreted as meaning a variety of things, ranging from shooting heroin to domestic violence to doing things intensely, the last of which is what the band maintains as the actual meaning.

The song was coupled with an equally controversial video, which depicts a wild night of sex, drugs, and violence from a first-person perspective. However, it was far from mindless- in fact, the video consistently ranks as one of the best ever made, and contains a twist that makes people rethink their entire interpretation of the song. Personally, I came away from it thinking the song was one big joke making fun of people who will dance to anything without caring what the lyrics are, but I'll let you decide for yourself.
Guy #1: Have you heard that song, "Smack My Bitch Up"?

Girl: OMG, that song is so offensive!

Guy #2: Yeah, but you have to admit, there's a lot worse. Just listen to rap music.
by WeHaveExplosive June 04, 2013
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Controversial song by The prodigy with an equally controversial video. Glorifies women-beating and casual, unprotected sex as well as violent and unsociable behaviour. The video was refused by MTV. In the light of MTV dropping their standards, the video has been played before the watershed times in recent years.

Also refering to bitch-slapping something to show ones physical prowess over it.
Change my pitch up, smack my bitch up!
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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This song is simply about getting drunk or otherwise wasted--there are also connotations of antisocial behavior and violence in the video, and as always with the Prodigy, also in the character and style of the song. Whilst not specifically focusing on spousal abuse, there is an obvious and controversial reading where the phrase and entire song are about nothing more than striking a women.

In England, where the song originates from, 'smack' is common slang for heroin, although contemporarily can refer to any intoxicant.
Smith: Miles, would you care to join one in the conservatory for armagnac and fine cigars?

Miles: Homes, Smack My Bitch Up.
by BBBS January 02, 2007
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To do something nice (esp. wonderful) for one's girlfriend, spouse, ho, etc., especially where the thing done is considered of high value by the recipient. The saying can be used both literally (as when administering a fix or donating the dope with which to do so) but is perhaps more often used figuratively (as when doing something considered nice).

Similar to "smacking oneself up", as in giving oneself a much needed fix, a reward fix, party fix, etc. To "smack up" someone, then---while not necessarily implying a positive motivation for the act---is usually considered a favorable act. And to smack one's bitch up is considered especially charming and gentlemanly, usually leading to some sort of reciprocity by said bitch.
Bo: Yo, Jim, I'm gonna smack my bitch up with these flowers and candy when I get home, so maybe I'll get lucky tonight.

Rufus: It cost me a couple of Jeffersons to smack my bitch up last night, baby, so don't get stingy on me tonight.
by Wayan October 10, 2007
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