An abbreviation for the instance "Scarlet Monastery", a dungeon in the game World of Warcraft. Usually used by player looking for people to group with. The instance is separated into four parts, the Library, the Armory, the Graveyard, and the Cathedral.
Hey, let's get a group and do SM!
Stupid noob, you are too much of a lowbie to do SM!
by silverarrow24 January 12, 2006
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Abbreviation for Saint Morning, a town in the online game Flyff.
Hey guys, come meet me at SM.
by Ashiya Mikuru August 24, 2007
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Service Mark.

TM (Trademark) is always recommended over SM.
Bill's Cloudβ„  is not responsible for any data loss when using Bill's CloudSM.
by theLMGN May 18, 2016
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Self mutilation. When someone physically injures themselves to rid or relieve themselves of mental pain.

A highly addictive practice, as when the body is physically injured it releases endorphins into your brain and blocks mental stress. Similar to the "high" you get after virgerous excercise.

Just because you sm doesn't mean that you are suicidal, or have any wish to die whatsoever.
A very common and usually well hidden practice.
by Sally the Ragdoll February 26, 2005
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SM obviously has as the most prominent meaning sado masochism. But it can also be used by people to say 'single mother'
Guy: So do u have a bf?
Girl: No am a sm.
Guy: Oh, am sry 4 u.
by Jan-Lucas April 30, 2008
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